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  • Professional Custom Lanyards


    Could your promotion benefit from professional custom lanyards?

    When it comes to hosting a promotional event, your brand means everything. Everyone will want to know who you are, what you’re about and how they can learn more. It’s the perfect time to spread your brand far and wide, and nothing works quite as well as bespoke lanyards.

    By getting your staff to wear customised lanyards, people will get to know your brand quickly and effectively. Not only does it help for security purposes, but means that you can easily pick out your staff from a busy crowd. They also work as great handouts to your visitors as it gives them something to take home, allowing you to promote your brand further afield.

    Here at 123 Lanyards we are used to catering for both small and large orders alike. We can tailor our services to suit your needs and provide a personal service each and every time. No matter your industry, print requirements or order size, we are confident that we can deliver.

    Take a look around our website today where you can view all of our product options. To get in touch with the team, feel free to call us on 0161 278 2441.

  • Bespoke Printed Lanyards


    Looking for bespoke printed lanyards?

    Bespoke lanyards are perfect for numerous reasons. Not only do they help you stand out from the crowd and be individual, but they work incredibly well for safety reasons. Keeping entry passes safe and secure; you can also easily detect who works for your company and who doesn’t.

    They also work incredibly well for events and promotions, proving to be useful to identify staff or handing out to customers. If you’re looking to invest in bespoke printed lanyards for any of these reasons, we are here to help.

    Choosing 123 Lanyards

    We are passionate about supplying all of our customers with high quality products, so we do what we can to provide a bespoke service. The team here are used to catering to orders both large and small, so we know what it takes to get an order out in time.

    On our website we have many options to choose from such as colours, lengths and hooks. We give you the flexibility to make your lanyard unique and individual to your needs.

    Get in touch

    If you need any help or advice, we would love to hear from you. Simply fill out the contact form on our website or drop us an email at sales@123-lanyards.eu. We look forward to working with you.

  • Professional Custom Lanyards


    What are the main benefits to having a professional custom lanyard?

    No matter the industry that you work in, you could benefit from handing out customised leaflets to your employees. Below are just some of the reasons why they are constantly growing in popularity.

    • Great way to maintain a professional image
    • Fantastic way to spread brand awareness
    • Flexibility to make them individual to your brand
    • Cost effective when bought in bulk
    • Comfortable to wear and helps keep passes safe and secure

    Choosing 123 Lanyards for your lanyards

    Here at 123 Lanyards we are passionate about supplying varying businesses with custom lanyards. We will do all we can to cater for your individual needs, and provide an array of colours to choose from. You can choose from several options such as trigger hooks, pendrive loop, key ring or crab hook and print just about any logo on the lanyard itself.

    We are proud to have worked with big names, and are used to catering for orders both large and small. To get an idea of what we can do for you, take a look at our gallery page today. If you’d like to get in touch, fill out the contact form on our website.

  • Cheap Lanyards


    Are you looking for cheap lanyards?

    Lanyards make for the perfect investment for those who wish to keep security tight on their premises. Certain lanyards help to identify members of staff, all the while giving people correct access to certain areas of the premises. Whether your business is small or large, you could most certainly benefit from giving your staff lanyards.

    Here at 123 Lanyards we are passionate about supplying a whole host of lanyards to people across the UK. We are the number one choice for those that are looking for affordable lanyards, and below are just some of the reasons why.

    Top 5 reasons to shop with 123-Lanyards

    1. Free delivery by UPS to UK and EU countries
    2. Affordable prices with no hidden costs
    3. First class customer services round the clock
    4. Wide variety of lanyards to choose from
    5. High quality dye printed lanyards

    On our website you can read some of our latest fantastic testimonials from our very happy clients. We also have a blog where you can keep up with the latest news and developments within the company. To browse through all of our lanyards, take a look around today.

  • Need to Order Personalised Lanyards today?


    Do you need eye-catching, personalised lanyards for your company?

    As our name suggests, this type of product is our speciality at 123 Lanyards. Whatever length or colour you require, we can produce lanyards that are from 10 mm to 25 mm, customised with any artwork.

    All our lanyards are personalised to reflect your branding, whether you run a marketing company or a local charity.

    Quick and economical solutions for anybody ordering lanyards.

    With 123 Lanyards, you can order personalised lanyards quickly and easily online. Our custom-printed promotional lanyards come directly from the manufacturer, with no middleman needed.

    Established in 2005, 123 Lanyards have since supplied more than 8 million lanyards to clients who are looking for the most innovative products, together with a high level of customer service at all times.

    We also offer free UPS delivery so you’ll never have to worry about expensive rates. 123 Lanyards also offer a free origination and print setup. We also have graphic designers who can transform you artwork into a design suitable for lanyards.

    Find out more about our personalised lanyards.

    Or simply get in touch today on +44 (0) 161 278 2441.

  • Looking to Purchase High Quality Printed Lanyards?


    If you need good quality lanyards printed to your specifications, 123 Lanyards are always happy to help.

    Lanyards have been around much longer than we might suppose: the earliest reference to them is in 15th century France when a lanière’ referred to a strap or thong. Originally used by the military to connect them to their pistols, they are now one of the easiest ways for employees to identify themselves. They are also ideal for carrying important keys or USB flash drives.

    With our quick lead times and high-quality printing techniques, you’re guaranteed good quality lanyards from 123 Lanyards. For artwork, we use Pantone C or CMKY colour references, which guarantee an exact colour match. You can find out more with the artwork guidelines on our website.

    Whether they’re needed for a tradeshow or your office building, 123 Lanyards will ensure your lanyards are delivered as quickly as possible.

    We offer free UPS delivery to the mainland UK and European countries, enabling us to fulfil your needs as quickly as possible.

    Lanyards might not be the most exciting product your company purchases, but they’re one of the most essential.

    Perhaps one of the most-used promotional products on the market, a lanyard is something people haven’t necessarily heard of, even if they’ve used one. They don’t just have to be a way to identify staff but to promote your company’s image.

    Looking to order high-quality lanyards anywhere in the UK?

    If you’re based in the UK, you’ll find 123 Lanyards is the place to order lanyards quickly and affordably.

    Our promotional printed lanyards can easily make your company look 100% professional, while enabling your staff to quickly identify themselves. Our clients range from advertising agencies and charities through to insurance companies.

    We’ve been manufacturing lanyards since 2005 and since then have supplied over 8 million lanyards to clients who need innovative products.

    With our quick lead times, you’ll find ordering lanyards is as easy counting 1-2-3. If you need to order lanyards in the UK, simply get started by creating an order today.

    Or simply give us a call today on +44 (0) 161 278 2441.

  • Lanyards for my Business


    Whether you run a marketing company, shipping business or PR firm, having lanyards is an easy way to quickly identify staff, whether at the office or a local event. Easily customisable, they can be used for both disposable purposes or longer-term use.

    At 123 Lanyards, you can order all the customised lanyards you need, straight from the manufacturer at a highly affordable price.

    We guarantee both the quality of your lanyards and customer service will be first-class. Our products are made using high quality dye sublimation and are printed in Europe.

    Made of super-smooth polyester, they are highly durable and will last for a long-time, making them an excellent investment for any company.

    True experts in printed lanyards for your business.

    123 Lanyards have many regular clients who love the speed of our deliveries, along with the exceptional quality of our products. Whatever length and customisation you’re after, we offer a wide range of hooks to suit your unique purposes. Lanyards can also be double-sided so they’ll look 100% professional, no matter what.

    Lanyards for your business can be delivered in as little as 7 days.

  • In Urgent Need of Durable Printed Lanyards?


    Do you need durable printed lanyards for your business?

    Lanyards have a popular form of identification for many years now, providing a quick and convenient way to carry an ID without the risk of having it lost or stolen.

    With 123 Lanyards, you can order printed lanyards quickly, easily and for the best possible price, with all products printed using high quality dye-sublimation. With our quick lead times, we can have your products shipped to you in the smallest amount of time.

    Free deliveries all over the UK and beyond.

    We provide a free UPS delivery on our lanyards to mainland UK and throughout Europe, making the whole process even more affordable. We also offer a free origination and print setup service for all our customers.

    Whether you need special lanyards for a conference or tradeshow, or for general use when accessing your office building, 123 Lanyards can create custom-printed products that meet all your business needs.

    Our durable printed lanyards are popular with a wide range of companies: from charities to the telecommunications industry.

    Find out more about our durable printed lanyards today.

  • Full Colour Lanyards


    If you have found us online because you’re looking for full colour lanyards, then you’ve certainly arrived at the right place and welcome to 123 Lanyards! We provide a range of coloured lanyards and you can view our full range via our website.

    Whilst we appreciate we aren’t the only suppliers of lanyards, from previous customer feedback, we feel we should certainly be considered. Here are three reasons why:

    1. Quality – Our full colour lanyards are manufactured to the highest of standards, delivering on look and durability. Whether you need lanyards for indoor or outdoor use, ours will not let you down.
    2. Service – We pride ourselves on the service we deliver to all of our customers. Once you have ordered your lanyards from us, you can be sure of quick delivery and we will keep you fully updated along the way.
    3. Price – Although cheapest doesn’t mean best, especially when it comes to buying quality lanyards, we ensure our prices are competitive.

    We hope from the information provided above, you consider us when you’re looking to buy full colour lanyards. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 278 2441. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Our Range of Cheap Lanyards


    Lanyards are one of the easiest and most professional ways to identify your staff. Worn around the neck, they are ideal for attaching identification cards or keys, enabling a member of staff to quickly enter the building or gain access to an event.

    Do you need cheap lanyards that are also long-lasting and durable?

    Whether you work for a marketing company, the public sector or a charity organisation, 123 Lanyards can produce custom products that meet your specifications.

    Sold directly from the manufacturer, our cheap lanyards are always of the finest quality and easy to order. All you need to do is upload your artwork and supply payment in a few easy steps.

    Available in any colour, our cheap lanyards can include a variety of features, including:

    • Trigger hooks
    • Crab hooks
    • Key rings
    • Trigger hooks and safety breaks
    • Trigger hooks and plastic buckles

    If you are not sure which would be suitable, 123 Lanyards can explain the different options and why each one is beneficial.

    Why not check out the lanyards available on our website today?

    Or simply order online for your custom lanyards today.

  • Dye-Sublimation for your Lanyard


    The colour of a lanyard says a lot about a business, and with our process of dye-sublimation for your lanyard, we at 123 Lanyards will make sure you have the colour you need to portray you.

    If you want to represent a company with professional and exciting styles, we will provide a lanyard perfect for you. From a choice of CMYK or Pantone C printing colours, you will receive a product fit for the personality of your company.

    We have supplied lanyards to an array of businesses across the UK. Big or small, we will be happy to provide you with a quality product at an affordable price and delivered to you within 15 working days.

    You don’t have to stick with just one design. You can have two different ones on both sides of the lanyard without an additional cost.

    In addition to picking various colours, you have the option to pick how many you want, the length, as well as anything from a standard hook to a key ring for the end of your lanyard.

    To place an order, simply visit our site and pick from the options right on the products themselves.

    Alternatively, if you want to enquire about anything related to what we do, you can contact us by telephone, or simply fill out the form on our website.

  • Polyester Strap Lanyards


    Our polyester strap lanyards are a fantastic choice. If you require a professional looking lanyard that is also durable, then our polyester straps are perfect. We offer a great deal of lanyards, all of which vary in size and style, but all offer the quality we stand for.

    If your employees possess their ID cards throughout the working day, and they regularly require their ID to access areas for staff, why not allow their ID to hang around their neck on a lanyard? Our selection of lanyards provides strong, secure and very easy access to small objects; perfect for ID cards, key fobs & mobile devices.

    We deal with a great amount of lanyard requests on a daily basis, and each client request varies. We encounter both domestic and commercial clients; which allows us to provide lanyards which are either creative or plain for uniform.

    The key points on our lanyards is that they are multipurpose & durable. They’re a typical and practical office solution.

    Take a look through our collection of lanyards today by browsing through our website.

    If you have special requirements, then allow us to help - +44 (0) 161 278 2441.

  • Cheap Logo Printed Lanyards


    Lanyards (or neck straps) are commonly used by businesses for security passes and these can be individually branded and personalised with the company logo. There are lots of different styles and types of lanyards and these can be an effective way to promote your brand. At 123 Lanyards, we can provide you with cheap logo printed lanyards to suit your needs.

    What we do

    We know the value of security and with our branded lanyards, you can be assured that only authorised personnel will enter your building. The lanyards we provide are also a good way to brand your business and with the variety of options we have, you can be assured of a high quality service if you choose us. We also offer a range of other services, including card printers, printer ribbons, plastic cards and software. We can also provide you with technical advice, as and when you need it.

    Get in touch today

    You can order our printed lanyards or any of our other services directly from our website. If you’d like to have a chat with us about what we can offer, you can call us on 0800 622 6201 and we will be happy to help.

  • Durable Business Lanyards


    Every lanyard we design and print for our clients, we ensure they meet our strict guidelines and standards for a lanyard. At 123 Lanyards, we only ever print lanyards of the highest quality. We accept nothing less than quality and hard-wearing.

    If you’re looking for durable business lanyards to represent your business, then look no further; we work with businesses up and down the country and provide them with the custom-made lanyard they require for their staff, exhibition appearance or as a giveaway product.

    The benefit of a custom-print lanyard is that it is entirely customised to suit you and your brand. Lanyards can be used for any industry, mostly because they’re used to display your brand for all to see. Whether it is a key tool for people to use whilst they work, or it’s part of their uniform, our lanyards are strong, stylish and sensible for any working environment.

    By browsing through our range on our website, you will see we have a number of lanyards available to you. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can find the right lanyard to suit your business.

    Take a look through our range of bespoke business lanyards today.

  • Create Promotional Lanyards For Your Business


    Do you want to create tailored lanyards for commercial use? Lanyards are an extremely popular choice when it comes to implementing branded merchandise for your uniform or to give away to customers. At 123 Lanyards, we respect companies who wish to invest in advertisement and branding, and that is why we offer an array of promotional lanyards, ideal for businesses.

    Our collection of lanyards are all bespoke and will be tailored to meet your requirements. Based on colour and branding, we guarantee a high specification lanyard, with the best quality printing and material for any lanyard.

    Branded Promotional Lanyards

    It’s as easy as 1-2-3

    We are the experts in printed lanyards, and we offer lanyards in full colour (printed or dyed) for the best quality and a structure lanyard that is durable for use. Our lanyard will last, not fade and capable of holding wallets, phones, key cards, IDs and anything else you wish to use them for.

    Our 20mm Dye-Sublimation Lanyard is a smooth lanyard with a polyester strap, offering print and accurate dye-sublimation. It’s a best-seller among our lanyard collection, and no wonder.

    We offer trigger hooks, crab hooks, phone/pendrive loops, trigger hook & safety break, trigger hook & plastic buckle, trigger hook & phone/pendrive loops, and keyrings for this specific lanyard.

  • Create Customised 20mm Lanyards Online


    When you wish to design a personalised lanyard for your business, it is essential that you pick the right design, shape and size. Our selection of lanyards vary in thickness, size and material, but they’re also durable and made to last.

    If you’re looking for a lanyard that is thick enough to feature your logo and wording, as well as constructed to meet the highest standards, then our 20mm Lanyards could be the solution for you.

    The smooth 20mm polyester strap is printed with fine and accurate dye-sublimation which offers quality detail of your branding. Your design will be accurately produced on this and any of our other lanyards, ensuring that you and your customers are impressed with the lanyard.

    The optimal width of this lanyard gives you great freedom to implement a design to fit comfortably and print the finest details of any design and multi-colour logos. The print is full-colour & double-sided CMYK or Pantone C, the size is 900x20mm and a minimum order of 100pcs.

    You can see examples of our custom 20mm lanyards online by browsing our selection of ordered lanyards on the specific lanyard’s product description.

    Find out more about our services today.

  • Logo Printed Lanyards


    When you wish to expand your range of corporate merchandise, you will be able to rely on our lanyard production services here at 123 Lanyards. Our logo printed lanyards are perfect for your business whether you require them for your employees, customers or special events or appearances.

    We have been manufacturing lanyards since 2005 and have not looked back since. We have worked with reputable brands and businesses across the globe and produced more than 8 million lanyards. Some of the big names that we have worked with include Ford, Philips, Nestle, Castrol, Whirlpool, Intel, Ikea and many more.

    Our lanyards are always printed to meet the highest standards. We produce lanyards to meet the crispness that each of our customers expect and in line with your artwork designs. If you are struggling to create your artwork or logo, then we’ll be able to help you. You can send us your ideas at the stag of placing your order and our artwork team will be able to design your lanyard for free and send you a digital proof.

    Find out more today by browsing through the remainder of our website.

  • Professional Cheap Lanyards


    When you want to find professional cheap lanyards, you can always rely on our quality craftmanship here at 123 Lanyards. We have produced an array of lanyards over the years, and guarantee quality with every design and print.

    By ordering your custom-printed promotional lanyard directly from the manufacturer (us) you will get competitive rates exclusively available by ordering with us. We have worked with a number of clients over the years to produce and supply bespoke lanyards. With the latest manufacturing and design technology available to our team, we guarantee quality.

    We have been producing promotional lanyards since 2005 and have had nothing but praise since we began. Clients rightfully demand the highest quality of products and it is up to us to deliver - which we do. We have supplied more than 8 million lanyards to our clients, each of which have been efficiently produced to meet their innovative ideas.

    Lanyards are highly flexible to use and are always great for employees or customers to use. Whether it’s to improve a process or advertise your business or specific product, then our bespoke lanyards are ideal.

    Find out more about what we can do by browsing through our range of lanyards online.

  • Branded Promotional Lanyards


    Have you been tasked to find branded promotional lanyards for your business? Whether you want to improve the organisation of your staff or you want materials to merchandise, lanyards are ideal. The reason lanyards are effective to personalise is because they are used in all industries of work and used by many for other processes.

    Lanyards are typically used for ID tags within a workplace, medical facility or education faculty, but there are many other purposes for lanyards. For short-term, use they’re great for trade shows and conferences for participants for event access. They can also be used in sports for coaching staff, whether the need is for ID or to hold a whistle, a lanyard is great to use. Another typical use is for teachers who often move around schools in a day using various keys for access to rooms.

    Branded Promotional Lanyards

    Whatever the reason for your lanyard, you can always guarantee that our lanyards will be made to the highest standard, with the ability to brand and customise it for use.

    Do you require promotional lanyards?

    If you’re here looking for promotional lanyards, then you can guarantee we have the ability to design the perfect promotional lanyard for your company’s merchandise. Whether it’s for employees or customers, they will be designed and printed to the highest standards.

  • Cheap Personalised Lanyards of the Highest Quality


    When you want to create a cheap personalised lanyard of the highest quality, you can always guarantee that our selection of lanyards are ideal for your needs. We strive to offer quality lanyards that last a long time and offer professional printing.

    Lanyards have been part of human nature for a long time now. Their use in the past has differed to their use now. The material is made to the highest quality and they always last because of their flexibility. Nowadays we use them to hold keys and cards to offer quick access, whilst in the past, they have been used to hold other items – one of which surprisingly is guns.

    Their strong and durable material means it can be used to hold other products, much heavier than itself. Along with the typical uses of lanyards, we believe that lanyards can be used for a whole host of reasons. Whether it’s to make a costume, fix a piece of furniture or have it as a storage solution for specific components, we always recommend lanyards.

    Along with using lanyards for other benefits, they’re also effective for more common uses, including advertisement. With a personalised lanyard, we’ll be able to print a lanyard with your colours and logo.

  • Use Our Custom Branded Lanyards Anywhere


    Custom branded lanyards can be used in a whole range of environments – we’re firm believers that lanyards can be used for absolutely anything!

    Whether you want to improve the process of employees clocking in & out of work and accessing doors; create a new marketing strategy; or help build fancy dress, we’re confident our selection of lanyards can help. They’re strong, durable and made to last. They’re custom branded and you will have full control of how your lanyard looks and feels.

    We offer you a great selection of bespoke lanyards here at 123 Lanyards and always strive to give you exactly what you want. We will get to know the concept and we’ll execute the design well. We’re a UK-based European manufacturer of dye-sublimation printed promotional lanyards – our quality is paramount.

    Just from looking through our website and seeing the range of companies we have worked with, you will see the level of our work. We have produce branded lanyards for Dulux, Total, Philips, Nestle, Castrol, Bosch, Intel and Ikea to name just a few of the reputable businesses we have worked with.

    Whatever the reason for a lanyard, we want to hear about it and help you.

    Get in contact with us today, we’re confident we will be able to help.

  • Get Your Own Custom Printed Lanyards in the UK


    Does your business regularly attend local events or international exhibitions? Then it could be a great opportunity to create memorabilia to give out to exhibitors, employees and customers.

    Advertisement today has never had such diverse options. From online marketing to print media, you can give your company an image with quality products. At 123 Lanyards, the clue is in the name, we provide bespoke lanyards to our clients. If you would like to get your own custom printed lanyards in the UK, then look no further.

    Attending commercial events are the ideal location to have your personalised promotional products on hand and ready to hand out or have on display. Everyone loves a free gift – whether it’s a pen or lanyard, you can personalise it in your branding and gift it to people. Whether they’re employees representing you or customers interested in your services, a lanyard will go a long way.

    We offer quick lead times and always guarantee a high-quality dye-sublimation printed lanyard.

    Our range of lanyards are entirely customised to meet your needs – based on the thickness, length, colour and clip, you can create your very own printed lanyard to suit you and your business.

    Find out more today by browsing our mock lanyards to see the quality of our custom printed lanyards.

  • Do You Require Printed Lanyards?


    Have you been searching the internet for a trusted lanyard printing company? By using our services here at 123 Lanyards, you can gain a bespoke lanyard to suit your requirements. Whether you require a lanyard for commercial purposes or personal use, we offer a range of printed lanyards, which can be personalised by design or type of lanyard.

    The lanyards we provide range from 10mm right up to 25mm. Depending on your preference, each lanyard will offer you maximum strength and quality printing. Each lanyard is put through our rigorous testing and quality colour printing. With our colour matching expertise, we guarantee a design to fall identically in line with your own branding designs.

    By looking through our gallery, you will see some of our designs using the various types and styles of lanyards with the biggest brand names across the globe. We enjoy the process of lanyard printing and always guarantee quality printed lanyards for our clients.

    Although we offer a number of lanyards, we can also do our utmost to find another lanyard or accessory for you.

    To find out more about our services and lanyard offerings, please take moment to review our website.

    You can speak to an expert by calling +44 (0) 161 278 2441.

  • Durable Business Lanyards


    When you want to create a personalised lanyard to suit your business, you can rely on our expert design and print service here at 123 Lanyards. We’ve made designing and printing customised lanyards as easy as 1-2-3.

    Our collection of durable business lanyards will give you the professional look you want from any of your business uniform or merchandise.

    Although our collection of business lanyards are diverse and strong, the turnaround and delivery times is very quick, allowing you to offer them to customers quickly or give them to your staff for their uniform.

    Our promotional lanyards can be entirely branded to suit your concept. Whether it’s for your business, education faculty or medical centre, we will work with you to ensure that the lanyard meets your requirements.

    Since we introduced our Pantone-matched print system, we have been able to produce quality colours on our customer’s lanyards with a 95% colour match to Pantone C swatch. This means that logos look beautiful and professional when implemented onto our lanyards and will be identical to your official brand.

    The options are limitless for lanyards, they’re versatile in what they can be used for. Explore your commercial lanyard options today on 123 Lanyards.

  • Order Custom Lanyards


    Do you need to order custom lanyards to suit your business, education faculty or medical practice? When you want to create a customised lanyard, there’s no better way than by working with us here at 123 Lanyards – we make ordering custom lanyards as easy as 1-2-3.

    With distinct designs and styles of lanyards, we guarantee that you will be able to find the right lanyard design to suit your needs. You will see from our choice of lanyards and the testimonials left by our clients that you will have a great collection of choices.

    Our bespoke lanyards are the solution for handling issues as well as marketing solutions. If your staff have said they lose their clock-in or door key cards, or they want a little bit of colour in their uniform, why not look to a brightly coloured and tailored lanyard design? We’ll be able to work with you and ensure it’s designed and produced to meet the highest standards.

    The industry of promotional products rely on design and execution, and that is why you can rely on our high quality dye-sublimation printed lanyards, which are printed in Europe. However detailed your design is, our crisp finish will catch it.

    You can find out more about our quality custom lanyards by browsing through our website.

    See our promise today!

  • Order Online Promotional Lanyards Tailored to your Business


    Do you want to give something back to your customers or employees? You can order online promotional lanyards, which are tailored to your business – making them ideal as merchandise or a small treat to your employees.

    Here at 123 Lanyards, it is our aim to make lanyard design and publication as easy as 1-2-3. We offer full colour designs and the ability for you to form a bespoke lanyard in your own branding.

    Our aim is to always deliver the highest quality of product for our clients. The promotional product industry is extremely competitive, and so it's paramount we meet and exceed the high expectations with our quality promotional lanyards. We've produced dye-sublimation lanyards for over a decade now, and always deliver crisp, high-resolution lanyards, printed exactly to your design.

    The flexibility of lanyards makes them extremely popular in any environment – whether a medical facility or education faculty, it offers quick access to key cards, phones or any other object you can attach. Along with the quality of lanyards themselves, what makes them even better is if you have your own branding on them.

    We've supplied more than 8 million lanyards to clients across the globe who demand innovative promotional products. Our solutions or economical and quick, making your life easier.

  • Create Custom Printed Lanyards for your business


    Are you starting a business and looking for ways to spread awareness for your brand, service or product? By using our bespoke services here at 123 Lanyards, you can easily create a custom-made lanyard designed specifically for your business. Our custom printed lanyards are a leading product of ours, and have been used for all kinds of marketing.

    Whether it’s a promotional product for exhibitors or a free gift for new customers, you can rely on our quality lanyards. Our clients are diverse and our lanyards are all tailored to your own image. Getting a bespoke lanyard has never been so easy – we provide a service which is as easy as 1-2-3.

    We are the experts in 1-2-3 printed lanyards. We offer lanyards in full colour (printed or dyed for the best quality, and a structure lanyard that is durable for use. Our lanyard will last, not fade and capable of holding wallets, phones, key cards, IDs and anything else you wish to use them for.

    An example of our quality and your options – take our 20mm Dye-Sublimation Lanyard – it’s a smooth, polyester strap, available for printing and an accurate dye-sublimation. It’s a best-seller among our lanyard collection. We offer trigger hooks, crab hooks, phone/pendrive loops, trigger hook & safety break, trigger hook & plastic buckle, trigger hook & phone/pendrive loops, and keyrings for this specific lanyard.

  • Gain Bespoke Lanyards with your Business Logo on


    Have you been wondering how you can advertise your business or offer promotional products to staff and customers? Here at 123 Lanyards, we have created many different kinds of lanyards, all of which are constructed to last and relentlessly used. If you’re looking for lanyards with a business logo on, then you can guarantee we can create this for you.

    Lanyards are a wonderful creation, and are extremely versatile in their use. They’re an item which can be optimised in both a professional environment, as well as informal settings and for everyday use. We see them very often in offices, medical practices and educational facilities, but they can be seen out of commercial or formal settings.

    Lanyards have been known to hold items like wallets, phones and keyrings, whether they’re attached to a person’s item of clothing, or just in their bag or pocket – allowing easy access to their items. They’re made to last, and are a strong piece of material.

    If you would like a strong material that you can use to hold items or as a promotional opportunity, then look no further than our tailored lanyards here at 123 Lanyards. Order your full-colour, bespoke lanyards today in just three easy steps.

  • 123 Lanyards – The Place for Custom Printed Lanyards


    Do you want to create and print your very own collection of custom printed lanyards for your business, event or exhibition? By using our expertise here at 123 Lanyards, we’ll be able to develop and produce a lanyard to best suit your requirements and expectations.

    Our selection of customised lanyards here are designed to impress. We want you and your customers to see the lanyards and be impressed. We achieve this best by providing a quality made lanyard which is plastered in your own company colours, logo or slogan. Our service is bespoke, so we’ll work hard to ensure that your lanyards is everything you’ve dreamt of.

    By taking a look through our website, you will see that we offer an array of lanyards on our website, all of which vary in style and function – and of course, they’re available to personalise for your business.

    With any lanyard we produce, we guarantee high-quality dye-sublimation printed lanyards, with free UPS delivery to mainland UK & Eu countries, quick lead times and free origination & print setup.

    The aim for us has been to make the lanyard production as easy as 1-2-3 – we will be able to help you wherever we can. Whether you have If you have a logo for your business and you’re not sure how to implement your artwork onto a lanyard design, we’ll be able to help. Our artwork team are extremely skilled in design, especially with lanyard design.

    Find out more today by taking a look through our website.

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